American healthcare

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What you see right above this sentence is a ‘American healthcare-inspired’ cartoon.

Let me explain this for a second.

America, the land of opportunities, with a president so wise and smart, is now the place to be. Think about it. Trump is bombing the hell out of isis, he’s going to build a wall and he is also going to make healthcare available for every US-citizen. What a wonderfull time and place it is to live in America at the moment.

But I hear you say: “Healthcare for everyone? That doesn’t sound right.” And you are absolutely right. The Donald is making it absolutely unliveable at The States. His healthcare plan just sucks the money right out of people. For some people this healthcare plan could cost as much as a new car. And that’s just insane.

That’s what the cartoon tells us. It literally says that the new healthcare plan will cost a lot of money.

Luckily, the Americans weren’t to stupid this time, because when there has been voted for Trumpcare, it has been rejected. Trump, as smooth as he is, had his little maid Paul Ryan clean his mess up by letting Ryan explain why it had been rejected.  Want to see Paul’s explanation? I have put the video right below.

I really wanted to share this story with all of you!

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L’eau de la Fontaine de Jouvenance

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Aujourd’hui je vous donne un petit mode d’emploi d’un produit que j’ai inventé. Il s’appelle: ‘L’eau de la Fontaine de Jouvenance’. Il vous donne l’immortalité.

Ce n’est pas difficile à utiliser.

  1. Mettez de l’eau calmement dans un petit bol.
  2. Ajoutez un aromatisant favori par exemple: du framboise, du chcolat, …
  3. Fermez solidement le bol avec un couvercle.
  4. Prenez le bol (avec l’eau, le couvercle et l’aromatisant) et commencez à secouer pour 5 minutes.
  5. Ouvrez le bol gentiment et goûtez un peu de mélange. (Ne le buvez pas directement tout.)
  6. Si le mélange goûte aigre, ajoutez du sucre.
  7. Laissez le mélange tranquille pour 10 minutes.
  8. Buvez avec un grand trait tout l’eau.
  9. Ne faissez pas des activités intensive pour une demi-heure.
  10. Après dette cemi-heure vous êtes jeune pour toujours.

Voilà ça c’est tout ce qu’il faut faire pour avoir l’immortalité.

The US elections 2016: V

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Today I’m posting my last post about the US presidential elections. No pictures or videos this time, today it’s going to be a little bit more seriously. I’ll be giving you my opinion about the two presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And who that I’m voting for.

First off: Donald Trump.

I think Donald Trump is a selfish, conservative racist who only thinks about money. On the other hand, he is a great businessman with a nose for economics. He misses the leadership and political background a president needs to have. So I probably won’t vote for him.

Next off: Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is a women who really wants to change some things in America, making the lives of every American more joyable. She knows what she’s doing and has everything a president needs to have. Sadly for her, her email scandal makes her look unreliable. I’d rather not vote for her.

I rather would have seen Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate, but unfortunately I can only chose between Hillary and Trump. So comparing Hillary and Trump, I would definitely vote for Hillary.


The US elections 2016: IV

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Today I was searching the internet, trying to find some more information about Hillary Clinton, while I bumped into the link below.

When you click on the link, you’ll see a whole list of lies Hillary Clinton told. Like Donald Trump she obviously lies a lot, not about everything but about most things. Sadly for Hillary and Trump, the Americans are really sensitive to lying which resulted in a loss of voters for both parties. I really hope they both stop lying and start worrying about making some good policies for the future of all those Americans.

The US elections 2016: III

Good evening blog!

This evening I’m back with some Donald Trump facts. I’ll explain the video above. The video is about the best lines during Donald Trump’s presidential speech. Because of the video we can state that Donald Trump has some interesting ideas about the future of America. “I will build a wall! And no one builds walls better than me!” that’s a strange way of saying that your mind is obsessed with medieval ideas to solve modern-day problems. But no problem, the Mexicans are going to pay for the wall. Is there ever going to be a wall? I’m not so sure.

The US elections 2016: II

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Today I’m back with a new cartoon about the 2016 US presidential elections! I’m going to tell you a little bit more about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In the picture above we can obviously see that all the news reporters are searching for something to criticise Donald Tump, while they are missing some huge scandals from Hillary Clinton. For example her giant email scandal. But we shouldn’t be missing the point, both the candidates have some things they shouldn’t be proud of!

The US elections 2016: I

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What you’ll see next is a picture that is 100% accurate.


This picture clearly shows the way of thinking of Donald Trump. He’s a racist, with no political background, trying to win the US elections. He has off course his positive sides but I think it’s quite the time for him to show those sides. Nevertheless he’s still a racist.