Engish presentations


Last Wednesday, there were some students in my school who gave an English presentation about the school system in other anglo saxon countries. I’ve learned that the Belgian eductaion system is by far the most logical one. I mean, in the UK you’ve finished high school once you’ve been there for 4 years. Then you have to do 2 years of extra studies and then you can go to college.

Overall the presentations were very well, I knew there were some at school who have a nice pronounciation, but there are a lot more than I’ve expected. Also, every presentator used a large variety of words wich made it interesting to listen to.

No video or picture this time, but I hope you like this post!




Goodday blog!


Today I’m going to tell you something about memes. So sit down, put your glasses on and take notes.

This is a dank meme:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dank meme

This is a meme:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor meme

This is neither of the above:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor a bad meme

You see taking a picture and adding some giant letters doesn’t make it a meme. There are rules like: it has to be funny, politically incorrect (this only applies to dank memes), educational, …. If you’re making a meme and it is just a picture with some text, it isn’t a meme.

Hope you took notes, there’ll be a test tomorrow about this.


I’m on a boat!

Hello blog!

No I’m not on a boat, or even close to a boat or even close to the sea, but today I’ve downloaded an amzing song called: I’m on a boat.

The song is written by: The lonely Island, and is a rap song. The song tells the story of 3 guys who won a ticket for a boat ride for three in a cereal box. On the boat ride, they have the time of their lives. They go swimming with dolphins, drink lots of alcohol, basically party all night and day long.

Yes they swear a lot, but that gives the song some extra power, and I like that.


See you guys later!

Une promenade a Wallonie


Quelques semaines passé, moi et les scouts, avons fait une promenade a Wallonie. Nous avons promené à une région connu pour la citadelle, Namur. Namur est une ville spectaculaire. La rivière qui passe dans la centre de la ville, le sentiment médiéval,…

Nous avons promené dans la citadelle, parce-que on n’avions pas assez de temps pour traverser toute la ville. Après notre promenade, nous avons allé manger dans le McDonalds. C’était un grand défi de donner notre commande, mais ça a allé.

Je pense que Namur est une ville très belle avec beacoup des attractions touristique, et je pense que tout le monde doit allé visiter Namur!


Au Revoir!


Hello blog!

Yesterday I’ve watched this movie ‘Deadpool’. My friend told me to see this movie because it is really funny. So once my brother told me he bought the movie, I immediateley started watching.

Once the movie really started, after the intro, I had to put my hand in front of my eyes to keep myself from shouting because the movie was to funny. I really suggest you go and see this movie. If you like comedy, Marvel, Action and a little bit of ramance, ‘Deadpool’ is the movie for you.

Here you have a link to the first trailer:


See you later guys!

An amazing movie I saw

Hello blog

Yesterday I saw an amazing movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie is about how Jordan Belfort made in Wall Street. The movie is not easy to understand, you really have to keep your mind stick to the movie. But once you get it, it’s a really beautiful movie with a lot of funny jokes and some weird situations no one could ever think of. I really recommend the movie to everyone! Except to children because of the inappropriate language and the explicit scenes.